The Refrain Showcase is a wandering event hitting house concerts and venues.  The event showcases singer-songwriters and engages the audience.  To be invited or inquire about performing, please contact Kyle Walz.

House Concert Information

The cover charge will be by person or couple.  If you are invited, you will be informed of the cover charge.  Often at house concerts, the idea is to bring a drink or snack you can share.  So if love your soft drinks, bring a two liter to share.  You get the idea.  Many performers will have merchandise.  Buying merchandise and joining artist’s mailing lists is a great way to reward the artist.

Venue Information

Having the Refrain Showcase at a public venue is a goal.  We want to grow and will have something in the future.

Audience Engagement

What sets Refrain Cafe Showcase events apart is the audience engagement.  Audiences have score cards and get to give performers various awards.  Some awards are competitive and others are fun.  Awards allows audiences to let performers know


Showcases are made up of several artists around the metropolitan St. Louis area.

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